Microsoft Wedge Keyboard – Repairing a battery leak

Created 20 August 2017

I’ve been using a Microsoft Wedge Keyboard with my iPhone and iPad for over a year. It’s a very good keyboard. I was not using it that regularly during the last few months and the AAA batteries inside leaked. After replacing them the keyboard did not work. It was clear that the residue from the leak was preventing the battery terminals from conducting. I did a search for a teardown video or other instructions online so I could figure out how to remove the battery compartment without breaking it. I found nothing and when I attempted to remove the compartment I damaged it. I did manage to get inside and clean the terminals. The keyboard is working fine now. The battery compartment goes back on but was a bit loose after the damage I caused. I used some electrical tape to keep it in place. I am happy with the repair and will continue using the keyboard.

I made this video to explain how to correctly disassemble the battery compartment. The video doesn’t contain many closeups so I have posted some pictures here that you might find helpful.


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